Can Berlin be Boho?

Ja! Und das wollen wir euch mit diesem Shooting beweisen.

Wir wollten zeigen, dass überall ein bisschen Boho steckt. Selbst in der Kombination aus dem roughen Berlin und dem Brasilianischen Model Julia, die vom Stil her eher als grungy oder wie sie sagt, „weird“ zu bezeichnen ist.

Denn jede Frau hat irgendwo Feuer in ihr und will Abenteuer, wilde Liebe und Freiheit. Im süßen kleinen Café Playing with eels in Kreuzberg (Tausend Dank an dieser Stelle an Marina!) hat Fotograf und Freund der Santi Santi Familie Godwin diese Seite in Julia gefunden und wie wir finden, wunderschön festgehalten. Wir hoffen einfach, Boho erweckt diese Seite auch in euch ein bisschen mehr zum Leben.

P.S.: Unten gibt’s noch ein kurzes Interview mit Julia.

Interview mit Julia Rabello

You’ve just moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Berlin a few weeks ago – What made you do it?

I wanted to change. I wanted to change my routine, the environment that surrounded me. I wanted to find new things that inspired me. I came to Berlin to understand and recreate myself.

How have your first months in Berlin been? What’s the biggest change you need to adapt to?

It couldn’t be better! Berlin loves everybody! Before moving I was worried about the cold winter, the crazy German language and the way people would treat me, but I’m meeting so many good people and having amazing experiences that make everything easy.

What do you like most about Berlin?

Freedom! There’s no city like Berlin in terms of freedom of expressing yourself.

What’s it like to grow up in Brazil and what would you advise us to check out first when in Sao Paulo?

Growing up in Brazil is confusing, especially in São Paulo – it’s a huge city, always a lot going on, but I mean… confusing sometimes is a good thing! Haha
I would say: get close to the locals and have a crazy night out with them, we know how to have fun and enjoy the lost corners of the city. Better than going out on a sightseeing tour seeing some grey buildings.

We are obsessed with food  – What’s the number one Brazilian food you can recommend?

AÇAÍ!!!! Ohhhh god, Açaí is the best and I miss it a lot! It’s the best hangover cure – would be very useful for Berliners on a Monday after long Berghain hours hahaha

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

Egypt! I remember that when I was 4, all the kids wanted to go to Disneyland and I was like: Mom, take me to see the Pyramids! I still haven’t been there, but I will!

You look so gorgeous on the photos, although Boho isn’t really your everyday style – How would you describe your fashion style?

Good question! I don’t really know how to define my style and labeling is never a good thing, especially because we are always changing and growing. I love when I go out after choosing an outfit and then somebody looks at me with that face: “ohhh, this girl is weird” – it used to happen a lot in São Paulo, but not in Berlin. Fashion is made to make you feel something, and when I get this kind of reaction, it means that my job is done.

What’s something you can’t travel without?

My phone! I’m always traveling by myself, so I use it to find new places to go, to meet new people and mostly: google maps! I have no idea how to read real maps, so Google telling me “Turn left on 500 m” really saves me!

What or who inspires you?

Hmmmmm, wow, so many things! Inspiration can be anywhere. At the moment I would say, Berlin! As everything is new for me, the little and hidden things are even more inspiring.


Fotograf: Godwin / Mista G Pix
Model: Julia Rabello
Location: Playing with eels


Terima kasih banyak & Salty kisses, xx