Hamsa or „the hand of fatima“ is a cultural symbol originating in muslim cultures around the world. The name “Khamsa” in Arabic, means “five”, thus referring to the five fingers of the hand.

Meaning & Spirituality

The protective gesture of the open right hand is believed to defend against evil spirits and especially the evil eye. This gesture can be seen in idols of various religious and cultural groups. For example the hand of venus and the hand of mary, which ought to especially protect women from the evil eye and enhance health and fertility.

Many Buddha pictures and sculptures are also showing an open right hand, which, besides protection, also has a teaching role.

Summarizing the full symbolism of the open right hand used in various cultures, it can be said that it provides protection, strength, blessings, power, potential and fertility.

The eye in the palm of the hand of the hamsa additionally portrays the protection against the evil eye, a stare that is believed to have the potential to cause illness, bad luck and other malicious things.

As Santi Santi and as individuals, we strongly believe in spirituality. We always did, but living in Bali immensely enhanced our beliefs. Since we moved to Bali in February, we have had various situations and encounters that we could not explain to ourselves, without such spiritual beliefs as karma and the recurrency of the vibes you spread, both positive and negative.

The plain beauty of the hamsa and other spiritual symbols of course also play a great role when it comes to the design process of our jewelry. But we at Santi Santi preferably design our products with regard to spirituality and positive vibes and that’s why you’ll also find the hamsa in our designs.

We hope that you, our beloved Boho souls, will always radiate positive vibes and be surrounded by them as well. And if you feel like getting some extra protection, feel free to check out Indah, Fatima and Api.

Stay wild, stay free, stay positive!

Salty kisses,

Santi Santi