Tides of change

After having launched our first collection, the WILD AT HEART collection, last summer, we have received a lot of honest and incredibly helpful feedback from you guys and we also had a few thoughts that now emerged into some changes.

During and after this year’s first exhibition and lifestyle event, PopUp-Now in May, our designer Sarah was super jolly over so many people appreciating her designs and continuous positive feedback until now kept that joy up as she’s maybe even more enthusiastic during current design processes than before. Makasih banyak from Santi Santi and especially Sarah!


Although the positive feedback was equally given about our clothes and our jewelry, perfectionism and the comprehension on having to focus on our core element at such a young stage of our journey led us to the decision that in the near future we will put clothes manufacturing on hold and focus on our jewelry collections (with maybe a few limited clothing editions once in a while because we love it too much). But you can be sure that WILD AT HEART wasn’t the last clothes collection you’ll see from us.


Some more feedback aspects we’d like to thank you for are the ones regarding our jewelry material and pricing. As you probably know by now, we only used high quality brass, spiked up with occasional silver- or gold-plating and had a few products wholly made of silver and gold.

Since all of you are individuals with different interests, concerns and beliefs, there were, on one hand, beautiful souls who told us with great honesty that they do not care that much about whether it’s a precious metal as long as it’s beautiful, solid and affordable. On the other hand, there were also extremely helpful people who told us they wished that some of our brass pieces were made of silver or gold.

We wanted to show you how much we value your opinion. Thus, we had to come up with a solution that caters our beloved gypsies wishes and needs and goes hand in hand with our designers need for creative freedom and fulfillment.

We have discussed this a lot and finally state that we will from now on offer a jewelry product range that is a little wider with regards to materials and also prices. We will not produce lower quality jewelry. Never. (Check out our values for more info on quality.) But by renegotiating and recalculating margins for B2B sales, we have managed to cut down the final prices of our brass pieces a little. Well actually quite a lot.

Further, we will stop offering silver-plated products, since we fear that silver plating might come off over the years and we want to build jewelry and friendships that last. So whatever we offer in silver, is from now on completely made of silver.

Additionally, we will add a wider selection of top-class jewelry made of silver and gold – some as limited editions – so that we can also make the grade for the ones among you who, besides being fashion, style and Boho enthusiasts, are also interested in having something that is made of precious metal.


We hope you understand and maybe even appreciate these tides of change towards higher quality and lower prices and are stoked for the things to come.

Terima kasih for your interest in us and taking the time to read this loooong statement.
Stay tuned for our upcoming collection. Stay free. Stay wild.


Salty kisses,

Santi Santi