Our favorite beaches in Bali

So far we have mostly written blog posts to give you an understanding of what we do and what we live for. But we figured that besides deep insights regarding our values, our love for different aspects of the Indonesian culture and other topics that really get to the bottom of what and why we do here, you might also like to know where these weird Santi Santi hippies hang out, where do they eat/overindulge or where do they soak in the overwhelming beauty of Bali. So the following blog will be written to let you find out about our favorite beaches in Bali and we’d love to meet some of you there some day.

Over the last few months we have found various lovely places around this beautiful island. As tourism is by far the main industry in Bali, it is sometimes not so easy to find the spots that are not overrun by tourists. Of course, most of the time there’s a reason why a certain place is a tourist attraction, but there are also some spots that are less known and equally beautiful.

As we do not want to be the 1000th website telling you about the “real secret spots” regarding beaches in Bali, we would simply like to tell you about our personal favorites. Some are well known, some less. Just decide for yourself what you find is worth a visit.

Since we are all creatures of the sea, and since we are absolutely obsessed with water, sand, surfing and the sun, the first gems we’d like to share with you are our favorite beaches in Bali. This post is not to be seen as a ranking, since we love them all equally deeply, just like we love you, our little Boho rascals.


The first one you definitely should check out if you come over, is Balangan beach, located on the Bukit peninsula in the very south of Bali.

It’s not really a secret, but we still love it and we think you would too. Especially if you like surfing or watch other people surf, but it’s also perfect for worshipping the sun and having a few drinks.

There are beach vendors, but in terms of crowdedness it’s very far from Seminyak or other common areas. We have had some wonderful days here, roasting in the sun while gently getting washed away into the sea by the waves.

But at certain points there was definitely some black magic stuff going on, which we will explain in a later blog post, since that’s nothing to mess with ;D

But you should still definitely go there, because Balangan is a beaut, trust us. Maybe it will become one of your favorite beaches in Bali, too.



Pasir Putih

The second one on the list of our favoriste beaches is located on the southern East side of Bali. It’s in Padang Bai, the place that’s known as the harbor of the speed boats to the Gili islands. As most people acutally only visit Padang Bai if they do not know that the speed boat tickets generally include a shuttle bus pick up service from basically anywhere on the island, Padang Bai is, besides the actual harbor, not really a place that’s overrun by tourists.

Thus, „Pasir Putih“ or Whit Sand Beach is also not as crowded as beaches in the South of Bali. There’s only a few laid-back beach bars/local vendors selling drinks and food.

As the name already suggests, is Pasir Putih known for its marvelous white sand and what we like most about it is that there is no paved street, so that you have to walk a tiny pathway for the last hundred meters and when you get closer to it and take a first glimpse at it through the bushes, you already know you’re at the right place. Crystal clear water and kind-of still beautiful corals make good conditions for some snorkeling. We love going there and have some beautiful memories of fun and relaxing days there, hanging out with friends, so it’s definietely one of our favorite beaches in Bali.
If you’re ever in the region, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Bingin beach


As you can probably already guess after seeing or reading about Balangan and Pasir Putih, the main attributes that make for our favorite beaches are a laid-back atmosphere, nature and a little tranquility compared to the main tourist areas. Bingin matches all these criteria and is also located on the Bukit peninsula and therefore really close to Balangan, so that you could visit both of them on a day trip.

The white sand beach is seamed by beautiful dark lava rocks, as it is situated in a cozy little bay what makes it an ideal spot for all sun lovers, water aficionados and nature enthusiasts. But we’re sure you’ll find that out for yourselves sooner or later.

We hope to have given you a little insight about our favorite spots and would love to meet you there some day. If you have any questions please ask. We’d love to chat with you about such a beautiful topic. And if you have any recommendations about your personal favorite beaches in Bali, just leave a comment, since the world bears so many hidden treasures which we’d love to explore and we are extremely grateful for travel inspo of any kind.

Stay golden, stay fresh, stay at the beach.

Salty kisses,

Santi Santi