We all do what we do because we are somehow motivated and driven to do it. The drive to do things comes from within our very own mind set, wishes, dreams and beliefs of what is right or what is necessary. It’s what we all need in order to achieve goals that we set for ourselves.

For some people that drive is just money, so that they blank out other factors and mindlessly carry out tasks in order to reach goals which were set up by their managers or which they set for themselves, solely driven by the goal of making more and more money, because their belief is that the more money they make, the happier they will be. We do not believe that money is the root of happiness and in case you are not sure, this Netflix documentary triggers some interesting thoughts: Happy

Seeing how lovely the members of Indonesian families, who on average definitely do not have a lot of money, treat each other and seeing how much they laugh and how little they seem to worry, although from our point of view there would be so much to worry about if we were in their situation, kind of opens our eyes.

It reminds of how important it is to appreciate what we have and to let enthusiasm replace the pointless worries in our thoughts.

If these families are so loving and happy, then money can’t be what makes people happy.

In our opinion, values such as family, trust and caring are to be laid much more emphasis on.

In order to spread these values in our world, everyone can only do so by starting to realign one’s own mindset.

We, as Santi Santi, started by approaching fashion, as our industry, in a different way. In the past we used to ignorantly buy whatever fashion item we liked at the lowest price possible. But when we really thought about how it could possible that a shirt or a dress from a certain global company only costs 5€, it was obvious to us that it could not be made under fair circumstances. Now, after having made some own experiences in the production of fashion, this has become even more obvious.

To us, it is essential that everyone in our supply chain benefits from our work. When it comes to jewelry production partners and our tailors, we pretty much have direct control and make sure that wages are way above the Indonesian average and working hours and circumstances are as flexible and convenient as possible. When it comes to the materials we use, this becomes more difficult, as we buy them at certain stores, which assure us that everything is produced under fair circumstances and the prices also suggest this assumption, but that’s not enough when it comes to optimizing a fair supply chain. So our constant aim is to dig deeper to get to the very bottom of our supply chain and we are making continous progress.

Our promise to you, our lovely little Boho wanderers, is that we will always keep working on this matter, because we want to demonstrate that fashion can be done without leaving anyone behind.We believed in fairly produced fashion.

Thank you for reading.

Salty kisses xx